Spurring Commerce in Mumbai’s Slums

In some of India’s poorest neighborhoods, microfinance firm Svasti is offering an innovative array of products benefiting consumers and business owners alike.
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Trickle Up Brings Financial Inclusion to India’s Rural Poor

She never knew when she’d eat next. Thanks to Trickle Up, she earns a steady income.
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Financial Inclusion Lifts Bangladesh’s Poor

Grants, training, savings and finance help the extreme poor build better lives.
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Succeeding in Business in India’s Slums

An innovative financial institution tailors loans to the diverse needs of Mumbai’s microentrepreneurs.
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Mobile Money in Nepal

Digital financial services focus on better understanding—and meeting—customer needs in a challenging environment.
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Financial Inclusion Challenge

Helping small businesses and empowering individuals requires a wide range of solutions. Do you have financial inclusion's next great idea?

Did You Know?

There are a thousand stories for every statistic. Together, they drive the global push for financial inclusion.

unbanked adults in South Asia alone
of the population of Bangladesh have mobile phone, but only 31% have banks accounts
women in developing world without access to financial services
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The journey to financial inclusion is as varied as the world itself. Watch how different individuals and regions approach the challenges facing their people.

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